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Tempera painting is so much fun!  Especially if the child painting is a little four year old boy with his heart set on trees!  At first I wasn’t sure what this was going to materialize into because he started with a lot of brown paint.  Yet with time and patience I saw green and then happily a bit more imagination came into play with a little red door! 🙂  I love when children take a creative turn into the imaginary world!

February 2013 Lolo and Maci 014

Being four years old this particular little boy wasn’t changing his story for his creation as some of the three year old children do so often.  However, since this is a nice piece of artwork that leads itself to the imagination, what story can you think of for this painting?  No age is too young or old to think of a story.  Two year old children may use one word to describe this and yes, that would be their story.  While a 90 year old may tell a longer more complicated story with real life aspects mixed in.  

Don’t be afraid to share your story idea!  I would love to read what your imaginations come up with! 🙂

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