Simple Provocations

Heidi's School Pics 004  Provocations are not always ideas we adults come up with.  Sometimes they are moments we’ve observed young children interacting with nature, with each other, with their stuffed animals etc.  All it takes is a spark of an idea and a little more time allowing that natural idea to progress, which enables a provocation to take shape.  The pictures you see are again simple provocations that we all do regularly, yet each time we meaningfully set up an interest area for young children to become curious about, explore and express themselves artistically and literacy wise, we allow for deeper thought and encourage a young mind to think beyond barriers.

Heidi's School Pics 009

As an adult I have many invisible barriers in my mind.  Those barriers have been created by myself, my family, my educational upbringing and my society.  It takes more effort for me to break down those invisible barriers than it does a child, who’s mind is still open and free to construct knowledge in a pure and unbiased form.

I can not change the fact that as an adult I have to break down barriers to my continued learning and creativity, but I can prevent new ones from forming and I can break down any preconceived ideas I have and allow my mind to openly and freely continue the life long journey of learning.

Early Childhood Education is my catalyst, what is your? 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning


Heidi's School Pics 007

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