As a Child…

As a young child what kind of fun I could have if my play  table looked like this…

Heidi's School Pics 015

First if I had a friend to play with I can imagine cooking all sorts of our favorite food (for pretend of course).  I’m thinking chocolate cake would have been a main meal. 🙂  If I did not have a friend to play with then I would pull out my stuffed friends and they would enjoy cooking, being served and eating our wonderful and delicious creations.  

One thing is for sure though, the table may start out nice like the one above, but by the time I was finished cooking, creating and eating, the table would be a disaster zone.  Yes, it would be messy!  And you know what?  That is just fine. 🙂  Being messy is a part of the whole process.  Cleaning up with a friend would definitely have taken less time than having to put all my wonderful meals away by myself.  

Think back to when you were young and share your imagination with me!  I would love to read all about your unique and fun childhood memories! 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning

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