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False Daisies

My false daisies are finally in bloom! 🙂

school pics 008

After three treatments of coffee fertilizer the stems and leaves are getting darker.  They are not as dark as I like, but they will be.  These are great because with the right amount of fertilizer and room they grow wide and tall!  When I first planted them they were huge and through the years when I did not take care of them they died out and I thought I’d lost them.  A few years ago a couple plants came back and last year for sure I fertilized with coffee grounds all spring, summer and fall and this year they are so nice and big!

After it rains the yard smells like brewed coffee! 🙂

school pics 009

I know it takes time, but clipping off the old blooms will allow energy to go to the new buds.  If taken care of I should have nice yellow flowers and dark green leaves into the fall.  In the past these flowers did take over quite a bit, but since I only have about three plants left they don’t seem to be crowding anything out at this point. 🙂

school pics 012

My california poppies are right next to the false daisies and they too are doing really well!  These little guys are really hearty and are the type I can pull out and since they reseed they come back fresh and pretty!  Yellow and orange are not my personal favorite colors, yet I can’t deny that flowers of almost all colors and varieties are so pretty. 🙂

If you have false daisies or any type of flower you really enjoy please share!  I would love  to read about your flower preferences. 🙂

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