Outside With Inside

Hmm…what fun will come of this? 🙂

school pics 037

Block play is always engrossing for young children, and especially if they have extra resources to use.  I brought in some limbs from a rhododendron that isn’t in the best of shape and used it in the provocation above.  I set up a scene including not only nature, but some cars as well. 🙂  Young children will often come up with ideas that morph into elaborate stories if given the time to formulate those ideas.  Sometimes the story is part of a collaboration with another child or it may be a story created alone.  It really depends on the moods of the young children and their vested interest in the moment.

  school pics 035 school pics 033

Give this a try! 🙂

If you are a Parent or Caregiver of a young child aged three to five years put these pictures near the child’s blocks, cars or other types of building and transportation toys.  Watch to see what type of interest the child takes upon seeing the pictures.  

1. Does your child become curious about these pictures and want to replicate them?  

2. Is your child inspired by the pictures and uses his/ her own materials to create something similar?  

3. Or does your child not seem interested in the pictures?

If your child’s interest was sparked by the pictures please let me know what wonderful structure and story your child created!  I would love to read about your adventures using outside and inside materials! 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning

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