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Balloon Flowers?!

Heidi's School Pics 002

These were supposed to be canterbury bells, but they came up purple balloon flowers! 🙂  They are so tall this year!  I guess I will have to break down and plant more canterbury bells. 

Heidi's School Pics 003

The little buds look so much like cute tiny balloons!  Once they open though, they are more like stars! 🙂

My false daisies were a bit too finished for now so I cut them down and will await new growth for a second round of blooming.  If I had been on top of it I could have just clipped the tops and they would have continued to bloom.  Life sometimes gets in the way of good yard intentions. 🙂

school pics 008                                                                                                      

Have a happy week!  Please let me know what fun things have been popping up in your yards this early summer season!  I would love to read all about it! 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning

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Flexible Small Spaces

school pics 071

Standing interest area for small spaces is a great solution for those of us with small schools! 🙂

I have magnetic dolls and puzzles set up for the right side of the shelves, which could possible have two or three children on that side.  On the left side is construction which can have up to four children.

Simple provocations or materials of interest can be easily set up and as a facilitator and Teacher the observations can be very informative!  Sometimes I have found that young children will interact with children they don’t normally play with if interest areas are set up similarly to the one above.  We can’t always assume the friendships that will be made when a child is young and learning so many aspects of social/ emotional development.  It is a good reminder to not prejudge children and make the assumption that we, the adults, know more about the child’s choices in friends.  Sometimes the friendships made will surprise us!  And small spaces can encourage friendships that may never have developed in a larger space. 🙂

school pics 038

My reading corner is small and only has space for two children at a time, which is exactly the way I want it for now.  Reading and enjoy books can happen in large and small spaces and with several to only a few children at a time.  Picture books with bright vivid detailed illustrations help to bring out a child’s natural curiosity in reading. 🙂

school pics 022

Small spaces like the reading corner are also easy spaces to change if we as a group decide we need to use the area for a display space for say, a rocket ship or small home built from boxes etc.  Don’t ever  feel limited just because you have a small preschool.  Keep an open, flexible and creative mind and trust your young students to help plan how to use those spaces. 🙂

If you also have a small preschool or home where either your students or children play, please let me know the creative things you have done to keep the space full of curiosity, joy and wonder! 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning