Ways to use fine motor skills and communication

  Lacing cards are a great way to incorporate fine motor skill practice.  It is also an opportunity for a Teacher or Parents to role model and guide a young child during their first tries at this task.  Once the child has mastered the concept it is a great way for the child to continue toContinue reading “Ways to use fine motor skills and communication”

The joy of a wooden tool bench and more!

  This is another addition to the building and construction area!  I prefer wooden toys that really do what they claim.  I also enjoy the fact that the tools all work and are just right for young developing fine motor muscles of children ages 3-5. 🙂   This particular learning set is one the children could haveContinue reading “The joy of a wooden tool bench and more!”

Colorful Counters

  My new wooden dolls came in this great divider and I thought it was perfect for my new colorful counters!  Reusing items you already have is not only more cost effective but easier on our environment as well. 🙂     Using colorful counters to incorporate shapes and letters are a couple ways of using thisContinue reading “Colorful Counters”