Creativity in Play

   Making use of the morning sunshine and warmer weather this past week, gave us an opportunity to bring some art expression outdoors.  I love being able to bring our art materials outside to use because it enables children to create in not only a different space, but one in which the natural light andContinue reading “Creativity in Play”

The Marigold School of Early Learning

  Outdoor exploration brought upon the discovery of fresh green moss from our lilac tree.  Small hands pulled piece after piece off the bark and quickly pushed the bundles into the bag.  Once inside those same small hands squished, pushed and continued the sensory experience started outdoors.  Nature is literally at our fingertips, so useContinue reading “The Marigold School of Early Learning”

A Window into Early Literacy Development

Take a moment to peer into our window of early learning here at The Marigold School of Early Learning!   Drawing is early writing.  Every time a young child of three, four and five picks up a crayon or pen they begin to draw their thoughts, ideas and feelings.  The “scribbles” we often see, andContinue reading “A Window into Early Literacy Development”

Green Apple Cinnamon Play dough

Apple cinnamon play dough not only smells good, but this batch turned out super smooth and very malleable! Notice the above picture is of a young child starting with a medium sized flat circle of dough and then following it are three small ones with the last being super large.  This child started each pieceContinue reading “Green Apple Cinnamon Play dough”