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Making use of the morning sunshine and warmer weather this past week, gave us an opportunity to bring some art expression outdoors.  I love being able to bring our art materials outside to use because it enables children to create in not only a different space, but one in which the natural light and fresh air can inspire and open the mind for more creativity.

Also being outdoors enabled me to set up a simple provocation with sticks.  I like to show young children that using natural materials found all around, can be of great use as well as conventional art tools.  Using materials that children do not often use to make pictures with is another way to open their minds and create new brain pathways for learning.  It all goes back to forming building blocks for a strong base for all future learning.

101_0314   101_0313  Tools never stop surprising us!  We found that if you put the flat shapes onto the screws and hold them with your fingers,  and turn them about, they become flying insects.  We made dragon flies and different kinds of butterflies!  Give it a try yourself!  We were able to dramatize and began a great dialogue between the bugs and the beginnings of a story emerged.  Integrating content areas into play happens naturally and purposefully.  Never take for granted the power of “play”.

101_0129  Cork shapes came in real handy this week!  I found these on sale super cheap and thought what a great addition to the program they would make.  And they were a hit!  It’s funny, because Einsteins’ gravitational theory has just popped into the news as being a great discovery of truth and when I looked at the pictures on-line, I noticed the concept of “round”.  The circles were the biggest hit followed second by the stars.  Space exploration may be next on our list.

101_0219  I have always incorporated sign language letters with teaching the alphabet and I love that there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate literacy into early learning.  Just as I did with the sand letters, I have set this provocation up for my class.  I am always thrilled when a child takes interest without my prompting.  This card with all of the letters signed has been of great use!  Signing reinforces and helps young concrete minds grasp the abstract concept of both letters and numbers.  Little fairies help attract a child’s eyes to the area as well.

101_0406  Tempera painting was super fun this week!  Painting is a must and a staple in the program.  The color and shape exploration along with the creativity and imagination really make painting a super charged learning experience.  Don’t be afraid of children getting messy.  Being messy is part of being a child and part of kinesthetically exploring and experiencing learning.  And you may be surprised because not all children get messy when they paint. Some preschool aged children are actually more coordinated in that arena than kindergarten or first grade children.  So please do not automatically think that young children are too uncoordinated to be neat. Genetics and environment play a huge role in this factor.

100_8035  The Marigold School of Early Learning is enrolling all this year, so please schedule a tour if you have a young three, four or five year old child and want a warm, natural and developmentally appropriate first learning experience for your child.  I am an experienced Teacher having taught for eighteen years.  I have a Bachelor’s in Human Development with a Focus on Early Childhood Education and a Master’s In Teaching.  Feel free to email or call any time.

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