Line of Symmetry

While reading Swimmy  By Leo Lionni we were inspired to make our own lovely pictures.  Line of symmetry is often seen in the story, so we picked three colors that reminded us of the ocean.        At first painting on the paper was very light, almost a hesitation as to where to put the paint, but asContinue reading “Line of Symmetry”

Painting with Recycle Stencils!

Painting is one of the most popular learning experiences in preschool.  Not only because it is a sensory experience, but it is color exploration, symbolic, can be inspiration for creative stories, and is open for endless creativity no matter what developmental level a child is at on the continuum. A stencil can come in handyContinue reading “Painting with Recycle Stencils!”

Drawing and Writing at a young age!

 This child is three and a half and found that after examining her face she needed to trace the mirror she had been using.  She has been exploring the shape of a circle and the concept of “round”.  This is another extension to her first inquiry.  Every time this child explores the concept of “round”Continue reading “Drawing and Writing at a young age!”