Emergent Curriculum Continued

Emergent curriculum is one of my favorite topics to discuss because there are endless areas of learning stemming from this approach to education.  My last blog focused more on the way I perceive emergent curriculum in response to children’s play and dialogue.  This blog post is more of a focus on other ways in whichContinue reading “Emergent Curriculum Continued”

Emergent Curriculum

What is emergent curriculum?  This is a question I don’t get that often, yet sometimes a parent coming for a tour will ask this question.  There is no one shoe fits all answer to this.  Whether you are familiar with educational theories or not, emergent curriculum will look, sound and appear very different from schoolContinue reading “Emergent Curriculum”

Spring shapes and Salt Dough!

   Spring is in full bloom!  We decided to try out salt dough! We made the dough and the spring shapes one day and then I baked them so they would be ready to paint the next class session. I recommend having more than one thing to bake the day you bake the salt dough.  ItContinue reading “Spring shapes and Salt Dough!”

Learning from Nature!

  Nature is full of learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors! 🙂  We read some plant books to become familiar with seeds to sprouts to plants.  I then set up some provocations to see if further interest would emerge.  Using a familiar flower as a plant example is a great base of knowledge to work offContinue reading “Learning from Nature!”

Things to consider when looking for a preschool

For your child the early years are packed with multiple learning experiences that together form a strong foundation for all future learning journeys.  It is the first school experiences your child will have.  It is understandable that you would want the preschool your child attends to be one in which you have looked for, doneContinue reading “Things to consider when looking for a preschool”