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Scribble to Symbolic form

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Painting is such a wonderful sensory and artistic experience!  The creamy, shiny and smooth look and feel to the paint draws a strong desire from many young children to explore each color.  

The pictures above are of a three almost four year old child enjoying the process of mixing colors.  After settling on one particular mixture that ended up gray/ brown, a symbolic form appeared.  At first I wasn’t sure what the painting would look like, but in this beginning stage a cat appears!  As much as I wanted to label this a cat, I waited for the child to tell me about her picture and she told me it was a cat.  So I hope you all can see it as clearly as I can. 🙂

As with many artistic creations young children work on, the first stage of the painting is not what it ends up being.  This painting took on many different forms before settling on the final appearance.  However, thanks to cameras I captured a “forever” picture of the cat. 🙂

101_5187 The end result was after many different types of experimentation with color, brush technique and using a paper towel to blot all over.  

If you have any symbolic art forms your children or students have been creating please send me some pictures.  I would love to see them.  Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT


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