Colors and Shapes

101_5499 When I find certain materials are not being used as much as they might be, I think of ways to incorporate them in a provocation.  Cars and blocks are usually pretty popular, but sometimes they can be forgotten.  So set them up in an eye catching way and watch what happens!

101_5498 Another aspect of this provocation is that shapes, colors, matching items, and patterns are present.  Each corner has four mini colored blocks with cars to match the colors.  The four corners also contain regular wood blocks, two triangles and two rectangles.  Incorporating the basics for children to build the foundations they need for kindergarten readiness start with integrating concrete and visually appealing materials into their play routines.

101_5460 Carrying the color and shape concept over to another movable interest area to encourage further interest.  Sometimes children like a little more structure before following an inspiration for creativity with other materials.

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT 🙂

The Marigold School of Early Learning


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