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Pretend Play with Blocks

101_5527 Blocks, cars and fairies!

101_1777 (1) Using geo-boards as movie screens!

101_2702 Fairies like to eat too!

101_5403 You know, blocks have a home too.

101_5402 Even three year old friends know where the blocks live. 🙂


101_3213 Making houses for fairies is important not just so they have a home just their size, but in case it rains and they want to stay dry. 🙂

101_3326 Play is a form  of work packed with deep meaning when applied to young children.  There is so much value in the many forms of play that exists for children.  The imagination is such a powerful thing, yet combined with materials essential to constructing the foundation for future learning, it becomes that much more meaningful.  


Come play with us!  Learn with us!  Grow with us!  Help build a strong community of intelligent young people! 🙂



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