Sensory materials and curriculum

 Young children learn naturally through exploration and manipulation through a physical connection.  For young concrete mind’s it is important to support their need to explore and interact physically with their environment. Sensory materials provide the insatiable need to learn for understanding. The above materials are just one example of how versatile sensory materials can be when used asContinue reading “Sensory materials and curriculum”

Week 7 Beans

 Growing beans indoors was a fun experiment even though the life of the plants was shortened by their deprivation of the great outdoors. 🙂 :(.  However, there is some positive news to report!  I found tiny baby beans forming off the lovely purple blossoms! 🙂  Sometimes I’m not very observant because I was just aboutContinue reading “Week 7 Beans”

Week 6 Beans!

 Week 6 blogging is a bit late.  Sorry about that, I was a tiny bit busy. 🙂  I really am enjoying the pretty purple flowers on this bean plant!  The bottom leaves are loosing their color too soon in my opinion, so I added some fertilizer.  I realize I have no bees to pollinate, butContinue reading “Week 6 Beans!”

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

If your anything like me and food allergies have prevented you from freely eating potatoes, you may want to try mashed cauliflower. I never have liked cauliflower, but once I tried these mock mashed potatoes I was hooked! 🙂 I steamed a head of cauliflower and one zucchini.  Drained it and added it to myContinue reading “Cauliflower mashed potatoes”

Autumn is Approaching Fast!

  Autumn will be upon us very soon, so if you are looking for a quality early learning program for your young preschool aged child, please come check out The Marigold School of Early Learning. 🙂   The Marigold School of Early Learning is specifically designed for children in the age range of three toContinue reading “Autumn is Approaching Fast!”

Tall Marigolds Indoors!

 The tall marigolds we planted this spring have finally bloomed!  There were only two buds and I think that is in part due to not getting enough fertilizer and sometimes getting too hot in this particular window.  I just love how pretty it is though! 🙂   These marigolds are nice and tall and at firstContinue reading “Tall Marigolds Indoors!”

Beginning of Week Five Bean Plant

 I can’t believe it was five weeks ago that I planted my bean seeds. 🙂  They took to the twine I tied with just a little guidance.  The morning sun is just peering over the neighbors house, so the leaves are catching some lovely natural light.  The runners have traveled almost to the top ofContinue reading “Beginning of Week Five Bean Plant”

Week four of my bean plant!

 This is the beginning of week four for my bean plant.  I am so happy to see the runners have made it to the twine on the window. 🙂  Bean plants are definitely great for anyone that is impatient.  I’m not necessarily saying I am an impatient person, but it is always fun to haveContinue reading “Week four of my bean plant!”