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Autumn is Approaching Fast!

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Autumn will be upon us very soon, so if you are looking for a quality early learning program for your young preschool aged child, please come check out The Marigold School of Early Learning. 🙂

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The Marigold School of Early Learning is specifically designed for children in the age range of three to five.  In creating this program I have taken inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach and integrated other constructivist learning theories into an emergent curriculum.  Using a play-based format and heavily focusing on developmentally appropriate practices, I have carefully planned this early learning environment to give young children the opportunity to construct a strong foundation for all future learning.

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The common core has been not only a hot topic of recent years, but a concern to parents of young children entering a “new” educational atmosphere.  Rest assured that common core is not the enemy of education.  Following sound research in the field of education our state and country want to ensure all children have equal and quality access and opportunities to become highly educated and capable people who can then go out into the world and make it a better place for all future generations.  Quality early learning programs have always made sure to put highly trained and educated teachers in their preschool’s to ensure that young children were getting the best and most appropriate foundations for learning.  Those approaches have been diverse due to the many different educational learning theories that are available to us.  Quality only suffered in programs due to the lack of educational requirements that our state and country communicated for decades.  Thankfully that is now changing and our state and many others now realize the importance in equal teacher preparation.  Educators impart knowledge, so it makes sense that early learning teachers be as highly trained as our elementary teachers are.

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At The Marigold School of Early Learning your child will enter a learning environment not only developmentally appropriate, but with a Master level Teacher.  I have both a Bachelor’s in Human Development with a Focus on Early Childhood Education and a Master’s In Teaching.  I have been teaching for almost eighteen years in both elementary schools and private preschools.  I found that I was working for systems that did not value early education and did not value me as an educator with passion and love for my chosen career.  So with a happy heart my sister and I remodeled our home and I opened my own early learning school.  I want to live my life doing what I love and that is teaching!  I want to make sure your child enters a warm, caring and quality program so he/ she will be ready for whatever challenges await throughout their school careers.

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If you are seeking a small environment for your child to learn and grow in please join my small community!  I would love to work with families that want their child to be valued, and respected during their formative years of learning.  I appreciate the many different stages of development children go through during these early years and I want to provide the best foundation for learning that I can.  Please join me this fall for your child’s first formal learning journey.  Together let’s make an impact when this group enters kindergarten! 🙂

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Heidi Scot BA & MIT

The Marigold School of Early Learning

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