Help your preschooler start the new school year

 As the new school year approaches there are a few things to think about if you have a preschool aged child either continuing their preschool journey or starting their journey for the first time.  * Consider the time of day and the meals your child has before you take them back to school shopping. 1.Continue reading “Help your preschooler start the new school year”

Enroll and enjoy learning!

 Using small spaces to their fullest potential!  Three provocations to spark interest, lacing cards for fine motor development, Mother Goose Number book for early literacy interest, and colorful dominoes with counters for early math skills. Not every child wants to sit while engaged in learning.  Many young children enjoy being able to stand, so I’mContinue reading “Enroll and enjoy learning!”

Literacy in a preschool classroom

 Writing is something all children engage in even before most adults recognize their work as writing.  Remember that scribbles are the first stages of the writing process for developing minds.  So providing materials that children have easy access to for writing is a must. Once children know where the writing materials are and what theyContinue reading “Literacy in a preschool classroom”

Recognizing Emotions

 This is a question we ask children all the time and they often will give the “expected” response rather than their true feelings.  So to help support children’s need to express their true emotions and explore what those really are, give them the words they need so each can accurately express how they feel.  “HowContinue reading “Recognizing Emotions”

Food Card Provocation

 Using some space I set up a provocation combining food and counting.  I put forth the question, “how many servings?”.  Now I don’t expect preschool aged students to read this question, but I do expect them to be curious about what it says and ask for assistance with reading the card.  After that, this provocationContinue reading “Food Card Provocation”

One Tax Payer’s Opinions

Let’s discuss for once some opinions I have had for ages and just now have decided to share.  I’m not looking for a lot of people to necessarily agree with me, however, I read other people’s opinions on multiple subjects that I don’t always agree with.  I read information to gain new knowledge on a subjectContinue reading “One Tax Payer’s Opinions”