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Summer to Autumn

101_6083 The month of September often is bittersweet due to the summer season ending and the autumn approaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn, but it is always a bit sad when the warmer summer months leave.  The hydrangea I have in my yard is one of my favorite flowers because it has two lives. The purple flower is a nice summer bloom, while the green and red, is a second life for the beginning of autumn.

101_6082 The purple is more a plum with undertones of red, rather than blue.  Next year I would love to plant a new hydrangea with the proper soil to turn the flowers a lovely deep and rich blue.  These flowers have such a long life and make wonderful arrangements.  You can dry them easily and they keep their autumn color really well.  The summer color does fade quite rapidly if you try to dry the summer blooms, though.

101_6086 If you have hydrangeas please share some of your pics!  I would love to see how lovely yours are too! 🙂

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT

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