A Seasonal Story

Pumpkin soup is a great story for preschool and primary grade children.  The illustrations are colorful, vibrant and very detailed.  The character development is perfect for young audiences and it is just a really sweet story. 🙂 Take time to read every day!  Open your world through books both fiction and non-fiction! 🙂 The MarigoldContinue reading “A Seasonal Story”

Halloween Provocation

Hi everyone!  I hope your week was great! 🙂 Today I want to share a Halloween provocation.  As I’ve mentioned before and those of you who are actively implementing a Reggio inspired curriculum know, that provocations are ways to invite, inspire and challenge young minds.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the provocation has to be difficultContinue reading “Halloween Provocation”

Be Safe on Halloween

 Hello, everyone!  I hope those of you who have little ones or who just enjoy the upcoming Halloween holiday are getting ready!  I wanted to put out a reminder that the Teal Pumpkin Project is something to look for in your respective neighborhoods on Halloween night.  If you take your children trick-or-treating and food allergiesContinue reading “Be Safe on Halloween”