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Halloween Provocation

Hi everyone!  I hope your week was great! 🙂

101_6235Today I want to share a Halloween provocation.  As I’ve mentioned before and those of you who are actively implementing a Reggio inspired curriculum know, that provocations are ways to invite, inspire and challenge young minds.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the provocation has to be difficult or too challenging for the children.  Simple provocations usually equal some of the more complex creations I’ve seen.

101_6229I have had a Halloween music box for years and there are two magnetized ghosts that dance on it.  I decided to set this up as a simple provocation to get into the Halloween spirit!  The first thing that comes to mind is that young children will either want to copy what they see or they may be inspired to create a story.  I love provocations that inspire story -telling because it leads to so much more.  Often times the story may start out as either fictional or factual and then morph into the child’s unique imagination with elements of both fantasy and realism.  To support the creative ideas and keep with a theme that may be emerging and staying for a while, it is always great to provide literature that can fuel the creative spirit.  

101_6230Besides adding seasonal literature, the art tools can support the color concepts of autumn or Halloween.  Sometimes color alone can provoke stories associated with the holiday or season.  I enjoy watching the process unfold and offering assistance when I can.  The final product is always something that does not stand alone. Knowing how the child came to the final piece is worth much more!

Please feel free to show some of the seasonal or Halloween provocations you’ve set up and what your experiences were like?  Share this posting and check out my latest one on Halloween Safety! 🙂

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