Highlights from the Preschool Fair!


The January 21st, 2017 Preschool Fair was wonderful!  The Fort Vancouver Regional Library was our place to come this year and the location and room were perfect!  Families could come in and go around the square shaped room as many times as they wished to visit all the preschools they wanted to learn more about.  And I even saw families returning after the lunch hour! 🙂


I really enjoyed seeing a large number of families coming to this wonderful promotional event!  As you know, preschools are small locally owned businesses and we deserve community support just as other small business outside our professional arena.  The variety of choices present for families to explore is a reflection of the diverse community we have in Clark county.  This is a nice event not only for families to come to but for all of us small businesses to come to because it is great for networking and catching up with old friends!


I was lucky and thankful because my sister accompanied me to the event and we enjoyed seeing so many young children happy and full of energy!  I am so grateful to the Mom’s Club because they organize this event every year and the money we put down for our spot is donated to deserving charities each year!  So the Mom’s Club supports two important purposes, 1) holding a yearly event for local preschools for families in need of early education for their young children.  And 2) they support a different local organization in need each year. 🙂


The Marigold School of Early Learning was very happy to be a part of this positive and productive event this year and last!  We look forward to next year too! 🙂

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT



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