Week of the Young Child! 2017

Honoring Young Children!  The Week of the Young Child is Here!


It is that time again to focus our attention on all the wonderful things we love about young children!

Enjoy this week admiring and appreciating your students and children during this very special and vital time in their lives.








The Early years are an extremely important time in a person’s life and making sure the experiences they go through are rich and varied will help each child develop the much-needed skills to tackle our difficult world later in life.  Value their first attempts at everything they try.  Be there to support, guide and uplift when it counts!  Children look up to their parents, teachers and even older siblings, so support young children by being there for each as they engage in this diverse world.


Children grow fast and they experience so much during those years of constant development and change.  Allow your child or student to explore art, music, sports, dance, literacy, math, science, technology, nature and so much more!  Be there with them to live those experiences and share all the joys that come with those life moments.








101_6467  The Marigold School of Early Learning is a Reggio Emilia inspired Preschool Specifically Designed for Children Ages three to five!

101_6453 101_3165 101_6155

Heidi Scott has been teaching and in education for almost 20 years!  She has a Bachelor’s In Human Development with a Focus on Early Childhood Education and a Master’s In Teaching Grades Pre-K -Eight.  Join this small progressive community valuing early learning and the importance of early education!

The Marigold School of Early Learning! 🙂


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