Growing Seeds!

  The seeds I’ve planted are growing nicely and soon will need to be planted. 🙂  Onse seed from last years marigolds is growing strong from this planting.  🙂  New sprouts have taken off from the new batch of marigold seeds.  These will be dark orange-red rather than golden yellow.  The Forget-Me-Nots are doing reallyContinue reading “Growing Seeds!”

Seed Planting with Recycables!

  Finally, we’ve had several days of sunshine and no wet weather! 🙂   With enough warm sun pouring through the windows my seeds were ready to be planted.  I saved up some applesauce containers, egg cartons, and coffee pods to use for my seed planting.  In the above picture I planted some red sunflower seeds,  andContinue reading “Seed Planting with Recycables!”