The Marigold School of Early Learning: A Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool



The Marigold School of Early Learning is a Preschool

Designed for Children Ages 3-5.



A Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool for curious open minds.



A place for a child to explore, discover, plan, construct and create!



Academics are integrated into an ever-evolving emergent curriculum!



Wherever your child is in the cognitive developmental continuum The Marigold School of Early Learning supports every step of the journey.



The foundation of all learning is strengthened and nurtured during these special early years.

Healthy balanced organic snacks for growing bodies and minds are provided  🙂


Heidi Scott is an experienced Early Learning Teacher with a Bachelor’s in Human Development with a Focus in Early Childhood Development and a Master’s In Teaching grades preschool – eighth






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