2018 Preschool Fair!

101_3268  Once again another wonderful time at the Preschool Fair put on by the Mom’s Club!  I love how so many quality early learning programs can come together for families to see what our area has to offer. 🙂

It is such a pleasure meeting so many kind families with happy, energetic and intelligent young children ready to continue the journey of learning through challenges, curiosities, and sheer joy!

The Preschool Fair comes around once a year and is located in different parts of Clark County so as to accommodate a wide array of families.  Each preschool is unique and diverse so as to enable families to make the best decision for their child’s first school experiences.

The Mom’s Club sponsors this event and preschools wanting to attend pay a donation fee for their table.  The donation fee goes to an established charity The Mom’s Club chooses to support.  And a different charity is given to each year.  We love being able to donate funds to organizations in need.

The Marigold School of Early Learning was happy to be a part of this wonderful yearly event and we look forward to 2019! 🙂  Please walk, ride a bike or drive to The Marigold School of Early Learning!  Heidi Scott, BA & MIT


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