#2: Traditional vs. Progressive Early Education

This is an older blog but very relevant to today. If you are an ECE Teacher, Parent or someone who finds these topics of interest please share some of your experiences.

The Marigold School of Early Learning

101_3871 Hello!  I am back for the second installment of my new mini blog series. Please check out my other posts and join the conversation! 🙂

Today I am delving into comparing traditional and progressive early education.  This posting is based on my own experiences through the years being both an early learning teacher and an elementary teacher.  As always, please like, share and join in if you have experiences to impart!  I love reading other people’s experiences.  We learn from each other so, keep the doors and windows open! 🙂

Here is a brief summary comparing the two types of early ed.  There is much more that I am leaving out because I don’t believe it to be necessary to go into too much depth at this point.


  • worksheets
  • workbooks
  • teacher directed
  • teacher or another adult helps children complete work
  • children’s work is not entirely theirs or as authentic

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