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101_0213 Children ages three going on four are ready for a big responsibility, and that is black line drawing with watercolor painting.  By modeling how to use a black sharpie with my students I conveyed a powerful message that I trust them with this important writing/ art tool. 









101_1195 Rose petals are a wonderful part of nature that naturally plays into a child’s artistic expressions.  Another language in which children can communicate their ideas and creative abilities.  Cardstock paper with colored pencils and paint glue made for very textured and colorful creations!  Open-ended learning is the best.  I love watching, listening, questioning and following the children’s lead.



Using bingo dots to create houses for the cars.  And using recyclable containers and wood sticks as a drum set.  Mathematical concepts merging with dramatic play and musical experimentation.  Children inspire children.

101_0714 We took a chance and planted some buck beans that we often play with inside our wooden sensory drawer.  Wow, all five beans in each container sprouted! Seeing nature take root literally is the best way to introduce scientific concepts to children. 


101_1182 Cutting more scrap paper to add to the colorful paint water.  Cutting, stirring and color experimentation further’s the reality that children are scientists with endlessly curious minds.  


Looking for a quality Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool where your child is allowed to plan, explore, discover and construct through a wide variety of ways?  Look no further!  Join The Marigold School of Early Learning this fall for the 2018-2019 school year!

Heidi Scott has over twenty years experience as a Teacher and Educator.  She has earned a Bachelor’s In Human Development with a Focus on Early Childhood Education and a Master’s In Teaching grades preschool through eighth and participates in ongoing professional development classes.



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