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Halloween Fun & Safety!


Today I’d like to discuss a bit about the upcoming fun day we all refer to as Halloween! To a lot of us, this one day out of the year signals one of a handful of holidays we have which entails lots of candy.  The thing that is great about Halloween is the wonderful creative element with costumes and makeup. Now, some people love the traditional scary aspects of the holiday. (And remember if you believe in any kind of religion whatever “evil” you associate with Halloween originates from your perspective religion and should not be transferred to others who do not share your specific beliefs.) Others love the cute things that have popped up in the last 20 years or the TV and Movie characters that have trickled down to this popular holiday or candy day.  The one thing that should be on all of our minds as this day quickly approaches is that no matter what we each believe and value, children are children from zero to nineteen.  So, if you see a group of teenagers dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treating, that is great!  We want the teens out there to be safe and enjoy this day along with all the other children.

Of course, not every family out there believes trick-or-treating is something their children should participate in.  This is especially true if you don’t live in an area that is safe or a community that just doesn’t feel the need to doll out cavity-causing candy. So, parties are the norm with a lot of families.  Again, if you know where your children are as responsible adult parents or guardians then your children can enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. Whether it be trick-or-treating or at a party, children of all ages should be allowed this one day of the year to have a lot of fun in their communities.  This is a way for communities to come together and all be a positive part of every child out there having a huge smile on their faces and the pure elated joy of the whole experience!  And, why deny older children the opportunity to see such creativity with the many ways people love to decorate the outsides of their homes for this special evening of the year.

One more quick reminder.  Please remember if you see a teal or aqua colored pumpkin while out trick-or-treating, that means allergy safe candy is being dolled out.  Nut, dairy, and gluten allergies should fall under the teal pumpkin. If you want to provide for both children with allergies and children without please make sure the candies are completely separate and never stored in the same area of your home.  Also, make sure the bowl you serve the cany in has not housed candies containing allergy-inducing ingredients.  Even though the candy comes individually wrapped we can never be too careful.

Please wear light reflective clothing, bring flashlights or other glowing devices along with your candy bags.  Parents and guardians please drive or walk with your children to make sure they are safe every step of the way.  The last thing any child needs to think about or worry about is their safety when engaged in so much fun.  Also, avoid houses or apartments with the porch light turned off. Most likely those people do not participate in this holiday or they are off doing what you all are doing.  

Be safe, have fun and include teenagers because they are still children and deserve to enjoy this holiday until they are unable to due to being an adult.  Let kids be kids until they have to grow up.  Being an adult will last a lifetime, being a kid does not.

Tips from The Marigold School of Early Learning: A Reggio Emilia inspired preschool.


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