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Dear Families,

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There are so many wonderful people out there posting some uplifting and useful information for all families of younger and older children.  So, check out my Facebook page for articles that may help you be a bit more prepared for the weeks to come.  At least it is one more social media source you can go to when you run out of ideas to help keep your child busy and productive.

With covid-19 running rampant amongst our world, we need to be safe while keeping our minds on positive things.  Children need to know that things will be okay.  Staying busy and productive during this time is essential.  Having extended time to bond and build a stronger relationship with your child/children is one huge positive outcome of the crisis we face today.  And remember that being honest about what is happening in the world today doesn’t mean talking to your child as if they have the adult cognitive capacity to fully understand the situation.  Take care with how you talk to your child.  Insighting fear, anxiety, and stress onto your child will do long term damage to their psyche.  Remember that we as adults shoulder the weight of society’s issues.  Children do not yet need to be responsible for all the worries we as adults face today.  At the same time, we do not need to lie to children.  They are worried and afraid because they see and hear everything that is happening through your words, actions and what they are exposed to through social media.  Just be gentle in how you discuss what is happening in the world and find out how they are feeling and what they understand by taking the time to talk about it and really listen to their concerns. Modeling how you feel through this ordeal and how you handle it afterward is essential for how your child will develop positive and complex social/emotional skills that will assist them as they grow and face other stressful life situations.  Remember that children have the perfect innocence that keep them wanting to live, explore, question and learn.  Being in quarantine does not take away those wonderful qualities that come so naturally to children.  Channel your own inner child and allow yourself time throughout the day to step away from being the worried and vigilant adult to be more childlike in how you enjoy time with your child/children.

While staying safe by washing your hands frequently and covering your sneezes and coughs you are protecting not only your family but everyone else.  Staying home will minimize the effect this virus has on our communities.  Staying connected socially through our tech devices is such a great asset in this time of difficulty and uncertainty.  Just think, for some of us, our parents and grandparents faced world war II without all of the wonderful technological advances we have today.  We can stay socially connected in ways we never were able to before.  Thank you so much to the sciences that have enabled humankind to keep advancing in positive ways.  We truly are a global community and the world feels so much smaller because of these great advances.  

And lastly, I want to say thank you to all of the health care workers, scientists, janitors, clerks, associates, restaurant workers, gas station attendants, truck and van drivers, and child care workers that are out in our communities working tirelessly to combat this awful virus.  People in our communities are risking their lives daily for our safety.  No amount of praise can convey how grateful I am to those hard-working and self-sacrificing people.  Without them, our world would not stand a fighting chance.  We are strong in solidarity.  Let’s stand together and get through this so we can continue to help the children of today build a better and brighter world for tomorrow.

Heidi Scott, owner, director, and teacher of  The Marigold School of Early Learning


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