A Little About the Teacher

Marigold follows the WA Health and Hygiene Guidelines for COVID-19


Hi, my name is Heidi Scott and I am the Owner, Director, and Teacher of The Marigold School of Early Learning. 🙂   My educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Human Development with a Focus on Early Childhood Education and a Master’s In Teaching grades preschool through eighth. 

A few things about me are my career choice, hobbies, and joys.  I started my teaching career twenty-five years ago as an Early Learning Teacher.  I then shifted my focus to elementary school teaching.  Finding that my joy in teaching remained in the early years, I embarked on a journey of working for and visiting many other preschools in the Portland/Vancouver area.  When I discovered the many in-home preschools in Portland and how creative, unique, and unconditionally supportive of all children they were, I realized I too wanted to run my own school. I have endless creativity, a desire to bring out the best in all children, and a progressive mentality to keep learning and growing as an educator in this ever-changing field.  Running my own school means I can actually create and implement curriculum in a way that really does support children’s learning.  Children actually do come first with my program.  I’ve created a small in-home preschool with a maximum of six spots each class session for the purpose of ensuring young children will be happy, safe, challenged and supported in their early years of learning.


Besides being an Early Learning Teacher I enjoy baking and cooking healthy and allergy-safe foods.  I have many food allergies that once were a problem, but since I’ve embraced and discovered other healthy and safe foods to eat I don’t find it to be a problem, but rather a new and satisfying challenge.   

Another thing about me is that I am a cat person!  I love cats and was raised having both dogs and cats as members of the family.  Currently, I have one senior cat and one younger cat.   My cats are indoors only to keep them safe and healthy.  They are also not a part of my school.  So there will never be a time when the children will be able to visit them. My cats do come up in conversation because most of us have pets in common.


My yard may not look like much now, but I am still working on how to continue turning it into an outdoor classroom, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for that. (Policy page)


One more thing about me is that I live with my twin sister.  We both have lived here for over twenty years and love the Lincoln neighborhood!  This is a wonderful part of town to live in because it is so family-oriented.  We truly live in one of the best neighborhoods in the city of Vancouver, in my biased opinion. 🙂  So if you would like to join my small community please give my school a try.  Call or email to schedule a tour! 

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Heidi Scott, BA & MIT 🙂

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