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Do Time-Outs really work?

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“Falling Behind”

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Preschool Teachers

The list below is not up to date.¬† We have read many, many wonderful stories both fiction and non-fiction that we check out from our local library.¬† We love stories and learn so much from them.¬† The children have so many life connections to the wonderful, creative, and adventurous stories we read.¬† I also add books to our classroom collection once or twice a year, so we do have quality stories in our own mini-library. ūüôā

The Grand Old Tree By Mary Depalma

A House for Hermit Crab By Eric Carl

Dinosaur Rocket! By Penny Dale

Dear Tabby By Carolyn Crimi

Nana Upstairs and Downstairs By Tomie DePaola

Mama’s Nightingale¬†By Edwidge Danticat

The Tiny Seed By Eric Carl

No More Cuddles! By Jane Chapman

The Boy and the Moon By James Carroll

Toe Shoe Mouse By Jennifer Bell

Prudence Wants a Pet By Cathleen Daly

Dad and the Dinosaur By Gennifer Choldenko

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms By Julia Rawlinson

Daddies Are Awesome By Meredith Costain

The Curious Garden By Peter Brown

Daddy Honk Honk! By Rosalinde Bonnet

Kevin Goes to the Hospital By Liesbet Slegers

Sam and Dave Dig A Hole By Jon Klassen

Beyond the Pond By Joseph Kuefler

Yuvi’s Candy Tree¬†Lesley Simpson

When the  Wind Blows By Linda Sweeney

A Bed for Bear By Clive McFarland

A World of Kindness By the Editors and Illustrators of Pajama Press

The Gluten Glitch By Stasie John

Monarch and Milkweed By Helen Frost

Cat Wishes By Calista Brill

Snug By Mary Elizabeth Hanson

The Very Lat Castle By Travis Jonker

Farfallina & Marcel By Holly Keller

That Bear Can’t Babysit¬†By Ruth Quayle

Fairy’s First Day of School¬†By Bridget Heos

My Friend the Moon By Andre Dahan

The Cloud Princess By Khoa Le

Trevor By Jim Averbeck

I Just Ate My Friend Heidi McKinnon

Horse Meets Dog By Elliott Kalan

Am I Yours? By Alex Latimer

Monster Boogie By Laurie Berkner

Construction Cat By Barbara  Odanaka

Ella & Monkey At Sea By Emilie Boon

Kitten and the Night Watchman By John Sullivan

Pine & Boof Blast Off! By Ross Burach

Natsumi! By Susan Lendroth,

How Do You Take a Bath? By Kate McMullan

Walk With Me By Jairo Buitrago

You Can Do It, Sam By Amy Hest

Dig, Dump, Roll By Sally Sutton

Am I Yours By Alex Latimer

Good Morning Snowplow! By Deborah Bruss

Lucy and the String By Vanessa Roeder

Bella’s Best of All By Jamie Harper

Whale in A Fishbowl By Troy Howell

Love Matters Most By Mij Kelly & Gerry Turley

The Lion and The Bird By Marianne Dubuc

Melia, and Jo By Billy Aronson & Jennifer Oxley

Little Bot and Sparrow By Jake Parker

The Red Wolf By Margaret Shannon

Hello, My Name is…¬†How Adorabalis Got His Name By Marisa Polansky

The Little Pig, The Bicycle, And the Moon By Pierrette Dube

Annie Rose Is My Little Sister By Shirley Hughes

We Forgot Brock! By Carter Goodrich

Geraldine By Elizabeth Lilly

Watch the Birdie! By Nancy Cote

Happy Birthday, Davy! By Brigitte Weninger

Tacky in Trouble By Helen Lester 

What The Ladybug Heard Next By Julia Donaldson 

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear¬† By Lindsay Mattick