Enroll for fall 2018-2019 School year

101_0553   101_4802  101_4027            If you are looking for a program encompassing an emergent curriculum, child initiated and Reggio Emilia inspired, look no further!  The Marigold School of Early Learning is a small in-home preschool designed specifically for children ages 3-5.  Academics are integrated into the environment and support children’s constant curiosities and interests.  Children are supported, guided and encouraged to question, explore, discover and construct knowledge through a wonderful process we call “play”.

Through play, children will learn, be challenged at their own level and are not inhibited in their individual learning.  They will gain knowledge through experiences with the environment, other children and the Teacher.  Using creativity throughout all their plans and processes each will construct a strong foundation for all future learning.

We have open-enrollment throughout the school year.  Children age 3 and potty trained may enroll anytime during the school year. The Marigold School of Early Learning follows the Vancouver Public School’s calendar for all holiday and inclement weather days.  Please take some time to consider this wonderful learning environment for your child and schedule a tour!

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Heidi Scott is an experienced Master-Level Teacher with a BA & MIT from Washington State University, Vancouver. 


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