Professional Development

    100_7517     I love professional development and  being a Teacher means investing in a lifelong journey of reflecting, gaining new insights, changing old ideas, adding new information, and diving deeper into theory and practice, which is all learning!

For me, the journey of embracing the theory of Reggio Emilia has been a long and lonely road.  The primary grade and early childhood educators I worked with knew hardly anything about the theory and what they had heard was nothing close to its actual meaning.  I am so happy to have finally found an online group of extraordinary educators and online resources to support my continued learning of this amazing educational theory.  

The Reggio Emilia theory of education puts children first, not just in words, but through actions and how the environment is set up, maintained, changed and added to.  Children are the driving force for curriculum and how that looks, sounds and feels.  Knowing I can continue to learn and reflect on my own teaching and have young minds constantly bringing new information to light is just amazing!

This is why I became a Teacher twenty plus years ago!

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT 


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