Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Education

What does “Inspired by Reggio Emilia” mean for The Marigold School of Early Learning?

cropped-100_8088.jpg  The Marigold School of Early Learning is a preschool designed specifically for children ages 3-5.   Some philosophies I follow and implement into my program, the first of which is,  the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education, followed by a few other psychology/educational theories such as Piaget’s Cognitive Constructivist theory, Vygotsky’s Social Constructivist theory and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. 

101_4223Inspired by Reggio Emilia means there are multiple aspects of that specific constructivist based theory I implement into the curriculum and environment.  Curriculum emerges with each child’s curiosities and developmental abilities.  The environment acts as a “third teacher” supporting and changing with the growth and cognitive development of each child.

101_3190 Environment and theory support and grow with the child.  The inspiration I take from the Reggio Emilia Approach to early learning is the constant awareness of where each child is on the developmental continuum at all times.  Materials are added, taken away, changed all based on what each child demonstrates their curiosities and understandings to be.  Changes in the environment are not large, but rather small and emerge with the child’s interests and capabilities. 

100_8807To further learning there must be some disequilibrium and to make sure that isn’t too difficult small changes are implemented as the child acquires new information.  Challenging young minds not only forms the basis for learning but enables each child to be prepared for the elementary years and beyond.  Without a firm foundation of learning children struggle their whole academic careers. 

100_7615 By supporting early learning with a rich program designed specifically with children’s developmental physical and cognitive abilities children have a much higher chance for successful continued learning in our ever growing, changing and challenging world.  Preschool is vital for all further learning successes due to the rapid growth of mind and body in the early years.  

100_8748 Enroll your child today!  Support your child’s constant curiosities, ideas, plans and desire to learn.  Schedule a tour and grow with our small community.  We’d love to have you join and become progressive intellectuals of the future.  If you value knowledge and understand the challenges children will continue to face in our evolving world make The Marigold School of Early Learning your child’s first true educational experience.

To schedule a tour contact:  or 360-597-6307

Open Enrollment is from September through March. No new students are enrolled April through July. Feel free to schedule tours for June, July, and August.

Heidi Scott is an experienced Master level Teacher with over 25 years of teaching and education experience.

cropped-101_5663.jpg Walk, ride or drive to The Marigold School of Early Learning! 🙂

Read at your own leisure the WA Early Childhood Developmental Guidelines.  Just click the link below and a pdf file will open.  Important note, the developmental guidelines are not an assessment of your child’s physical, emotional, or overall cognitive development.  They are milestones you can look for as your child takes the many paths of life all while growing and learning.