A Rhododendron with Lavender Curly and Delicate Petals

Below is another one of my older rhododendrons. 🙂 This rhododendron is a lovely lavender just as another one I have.  This one has more curly and delicate petals.  The darker purple are the little buds getting ready to explode! 🙂 Oh, when I clipped it from the bush to bring in for my provocations,Continue reading “A Rhododendron with Lavender Curly and Delicate Petals”


The above picture is of my red rhododendron.  About two years ago I trimmed it way back and it came back strong and healthy the next year, however this year it seems to have a problem.  The leaves have a spotted yellow color instead of the nice solid green.  Does anyone else have this issue withContinue reading “Rhododendrons”


I always forget how quickly spring flowers come and how in one blink they can be gone.  I ran outside to capture one of my favorite rhododendrons in my yard.  I don’t know the name of this one.  I love the violet color!  If anyone has a favorite color please share! 🙂  Also, I mayContinue reading “Rhododendrons!”