Continued Small Space Interest Areas

I have a few other interest areas that I utilize in my small preschool. 🙂

school pics 055

On this side of the shelf is standing space for wooden dolls and paper clips!  Two children can engage in this standing space and still have elbow room.  If your preschool space is small too, then you know what it is like arranging things so you can get the most out of your space.

school pics 052  school pics 050  school pics 051

I’ve seen this done and I’ve done variations of this type of provocation.  Set up whatever mathematical picture you want.  Above I made a circle shape, pattern and an arrow for direction.  Take a picture and set up the real materials along with some pictures for the children to have some ideas to go off of.  Then you can step back and see what patterns, shapes or pictures the children create using everyday office supplies.  

With loose parts and found items being very popular now days, it would be great to also use materials the children have collected for your picture provocations.  That way the children will have one more way in which to use their loose parts and found items. 🙂

school pics 056

If you find the standing interest areas are getting too crowded because they are popular with your students, you can always create another rug space on the floor if you have the room.  I have an area where the coat racks are that I could put another cushy rug in case more children at a time find the provocations to be a “must do” on their list of accomplishments for the morning. 🙂

Please share some of your provocations!  What worked for your small spaces and what did not? 🙂

Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning