Jars and Bush Beans

101_5356 With our snap peas finished growing and picked, we will be moving on to bush beans!  I love using jars because as the plant grows the children are able to see the roots and be a part of the whole process from start to finish. 🙂

Another thing about children planting the seeds is that their little hands fit perfectly inside the jars without getting stuck!  My hands are not too big, but I have difficulties getting seeds in the jars.  This year was the first year we planted seeds indoors and were able to see the growing process.  The snap peas were planted in March along with two types of marigold flowers and sweet pea flowers.  The small marigolds are doing great and the larger ones are still growing strong, yet not ready to bloom.  The sweet pea flowers had one lavender blossom and a few more buds, but they did not do as well.  They needed fertilizer badly.

I am excited to plant the beans and see what happens!  Please stay tuned with our blog to watch this process unfold.  Also, let us know what you all are planting this season! 🙂

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT 

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