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Week 3 Beans

101_5569 Week three and my bean plant is doing great!  I put up the hooks and string in the window and hopefully the runners will travel in the direction I want them to.  I don’t think there will be a problem with the plant till later.  I just need to make sure I fertilize good.

101_5571 I only planted four beans and all four sprouted.  I think bean leaves are so pretty.  They are nice and big and the sun shines through them illuminating the green leaves as a bright light.

  • One thing I find fun with indoor plants as well as if you are outdoors, is to shadow draw.  Children love to draw and shadows are another visual they can explore through drawing.  I read a lot about using overhead projectors and light boxes for children to shadow draw, but nature gives us not only an abundance to use in our art, but natural light to do the same things artificial light can.
  • 101_5515 This picture captures the direction the light was casting the hydrangea shadows.  True, the children would have to negotiate who drew first and move with the shadows, but I think that is a great way to work as a team, possibly problem solve and collaborate.  The complexity of the object’s shape and textures will also determine the complexity of the shadow too.

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