Beginning of Week Five Bean Plant

101_5618 I can’t believe it was five weeks ago that I planted my bean seeds. 🙂  They took to the twine I tied with just a little guidance.  The morning sun is just peering over the neighbors house, so the leaves are catching some lovely natural light.

101_5613 The runners have traveled almost to the top of the window!  I love how they travel.  The leaves are still forming and the color is good, so this week for sure I will add some fertilizer and keep a close eye on it.  I really want to see how healthy my plant can be not in a green house or outdoors, but just in my window. 🙂

101_5619The leaves have continued to grow large and have spread out nicely.  At first I thought I might plant two jars in this window, but I think one leaves the right amount of room for the plant to spread without being cramped.  Like I’ve mentioned before, this is a great project to document when children are not able to be here for every step.  I do look forward to this coming school year when we can plant more things and document the progress together though. 🙂

101_5620 I love how the roots are visible and the plant is growing so nicely.  I have detected a little bit of moss growing on the inside of the jar, but I think that is a result of the plant being inside a glass jar; somewhat of a a mini echo system. As far as the jar goes, like with the snap peas, when they finished growing and producing their vegetables I used scissors to cut the roots and take out the whole mess from the jar.  I like reusing my jars and find no reason to break them.  The old plant can then go into a compost pile or in my case the yard bin.

101_5562 Please share some of your plant growing adventures! 

Heidi Scott, BA & MIT

The Marigold School of Early Learning! 🙂



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