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Week 7 Beans

101_5746 Growing beans indoors was a fun experiment even though the life of the plants was shortened by their deprivation of the great outdoors. 🙂 :(.  However, there is some positive news to report!  I found tiny baby beans forming off the lovely purple blossoms! 🙂


 Sometimes I’m not very observant because I was just about to write a blog post on how my beans died, but as I was inserting the pictures I noticed the baby beans!  So I am pleased that even without bees to pollinate the plants, the vegetables still grew!

Growing plants indoors will always be my favorite way to introduce and challenge preschool children in the area of science.  And this lovely bean plant is great inspiration for creative artists too!  Not to mention the math and new vocabulary that just falls from this plant!  I could go on about all the great learning stemming from this very plant and all the ideas derived from it, but I don’t want to bore you too much. 🙂  

101_5748 101_5750 I do believe the bottom leaves are turning white before they would if they’d been given the chance to grow and flourish outdoors, but that is okay as long as the process as a whole inspired learning. I will keep you updated on how big these baby beans get and if they taste good when picked.  Stay tuned! 🙂

If you have tried any indoor planting experiments please let us know! 🙂


Heidi Scott, BA & MIT

The Marigold School of Early Learning!


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