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Growing Seeds!



The seeds I’ve planted are growing nicely and soon will need to be planted. 🙂

101_6579 Onse seed from last years marigolds is growing strong from this planting.  🙂

101_6576 New sprouts have taken off from the new batch of marigold seeds.  These will be dark orange-red rather than golden yellow.

101_6577 The Forget-Me-Nots are doing really well.  I thought for a time they would not survive, but they did!  These cups are used coffee pods placed in egg cartons. 

101_6569 This year I planted more than one runner bean and they grew immediately.   I will need to get the strings ready very soon or else they will be flopping over the windowsill.

101_6573 Red sunflowers are also quickly growing!  I will need to get all of these sprouted seeds out to the yard this week. 🙂

101_6486 101_6474

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