Week 6 Beans!

 Week 6 blogging is a bit late.  Sorry about that, I was a tiny bit busy. 🙂  I really am enjoying the pretty purple flowers on this bean plant!  The bottom leaves are loosing their color too soon in my opinion, so I added some fertilizer.  I realize I have no bees to pollinate, butContinue reading “Week 6 Beans!”


I can’t remember the name of this plant, but I saw it at a friend or family’s place a few years ago and I really liked it.  So the following spring I bought my own plant.  I usually try to save the tags, but for some reason I did not save this one.  When itContinue reading “Flowers”

False Daisies

My false daisies are finally in bloom! 🙂 After three treatments of coffee fertilizer the stems and leaves are getting darker.  They are not as dark as I like, but they will be.  These are great because with the right amount of fertilizer and room they grow wide and tall!  When I first planted themContinue reading “False Daisies”

Flower, Paint and Crayon Provocation

This may look daunting, but just wait, I will explain. 🙂       I set up a lavender rhododendron, purple and pink tempera paint (washable), two different paint brushes, green and brown crayons, small rectangular paper and finally blue play dough.  I also made sure there were half filled jars of water with rocks atContinue reading “Flower, Paint and Crayon Provocation”


The above picture is of my red rhododendron.  About two years ago I trimmed it way back and it came back strong and healthy the next year, however this year it seems to have a problem.  The leaves have a spotted yellow color instead of the nice solid green.  Does anyone else have this issue withContinue reading “Rhododendrons”

Canterbury Bells Question?

   Sorry for the blurry picture, but my camera refused to focus on this flower. 😦                                                                              Continue reading “Canterbury Bells Question?”

Violets and Irises

More science and observation with flowers!  Violets and Irises are two lovely flowers that grow from two different sources.  One is from a seed and one is from a bulb.  This would be a great discussion to have with young children, because it is too easy for young minds (even older ones) to assume thatContinue reading “Violets and Irises”


Irises are so pretty and they come in so many different colors, designs and sizes!  The one below is in the stages of blooming and despite the dark purple appearance, this one is heavier on the cream side with the edges being dark purple.  I love watching the actual blooming process in action.     Continue reading “Irises”

Spring Flowers in Bloom!

I’m so happy my peony is huge this year!  Coffee grounds are a great fertilizer and I dumped grounds on them every other week last spring into the fall.  Wow, I guess it really helped! 🙂                                      Continue reading “Spring Flowers in Bloom!”