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Seed Planting with Recycables!


Finally, we’ve had several days of sunshine and no wet weather! 🙂   With enough warm sun pouring through the windows my seeds were ready to be planted.  I saved up some applesauce containers, egg cartons, and coffee pods to use for my seed planting.  In the above picture I planted some red sunflower seeds,  and one if not two have already sprouted and this is just day 3!

101_6507 Some forget-me-nots I planted in used coffee pods.  I emptied out the coffee to use as fertilizer outside and then placed some potting soil int these tiny little cups.  To stabilize them since they are not perfectly flat, I put them inside egg cartons I cut into thirds.  My fingers are crossed they sprout soon!

This year I was able to plant some of the seeds my indoor grown marigolds left behind at the end of their life cycle last spring.  Only one sprouted, but I planted more. 🙂  It is doing really well for now.



Be sure to use your own recyclables when starting your flower or vegetable seeds.  See what happens, do they work or not? 🙂

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