Play Based Learning

   Cars and Blocks! 🙂  A three year old child decided that cars and blocks go nicely together and so began construction of a large one story building and some nice parking spots for cars.  And some cars park upside down.    I absolutely love how this child decided the parking spots should be on tallContinue reading “Play Based Learning”

Following the Interest of a Child

Before we went on winter break I captured these pictures from the morning preschool sessions. 🙂    Using puzzle pieces and a small wooden bowl I set up a provocation for the morning. 🙂   Here is  a small example of emergent curriculum.  I based this provocation off of what I saw happening in class.  TheContinue reading “Following the Interest of a Child”

Clay, Buttons and Oil Pastels

  Using clay and buttons as a simple number provocation is another way to incorporate mathematical experiences into your classroom.  Some children will come over and use the oil pastel to try and trace the number and the buttons.  Other children will copy the number and buttons free hand.  And still others may squish the clayContinue reading “Clay, Buttons and Oil Pastels”

Create your own Doll House!

I’m so happy I was able to purchase some new wooden dolls!  Boxes are a good example of how children can use recyclable materials to create a doll house complete with garage.  The stamps are one way the children could decorate the doll house to add a more personal and home like feel for theirContinue reading “Create your own Doll House!”

Encouraging Dialogue through Block Play

Blocks are a favorite of almost every young child I’ve taught. 🙂   Blocks offer a child a gateway to the imagination.  Add a few extra props, such as cars and the imagination explodes with endless adventure!  Suddenly materials objects that may have had only one purpose have now opened up to many different ideas, yetContinue reading “Encouraging Dialogue through Block Play”

Sunflower or False Daisy?

When I first looked at this oil pastel I thought, “hmm…sunflower!”  Then I thought some more, “no, false daisy!”   When I asked the little boy who drew this picture he did not know the type of flower because drawing a specific variety was not on his mind as he created this lovely and vibrantContinue reading “Sunflower or False Daisy?”

Oil Pastel Provocation

Oil pastels have such a soft texture and so much pigment!  As you can see below in the picture frame, this four year old child was very happy drawing with about four different colors of oil pastels.  This particular child did not use water to smudge the drawing, but rather his fingers, however the effect,Continue reading “Oil Pastel Provocation”

Simple Provocations

  Provocations are not always ideas we adults come up with.  Sometimes they are moments we’ve observed young children interacting with nature, with each other, with their stuffed animals etc.  All it takes is a spark of an idea and a little more time allowing that natural idea to progress, which enables a provocation toContinue reading “Simple Provocations”


  Tempera painting is so much fun!  Especially if the child painting is a little four year old boy with his heart set on trees!  At first I wasn’t sure what this was going to materialize into because he started with a lot of brown paint.  Yet with time and patience I saw green andContinue reading “Imagination”