Gluten and Diary Free Chocolate Cake

Heidi's School Pics 005                                                                                                                                            I made this gluten and diary free chocolate cake with a chocolate chip butter cream filling and a marshmallow topping with chocolate covered coconut.  I put on some yellow flowers, which are not up to my standard.  For some reason the frosting was not turning out for me that day.  😦

I liked the filling, but next time I need to make sure the sugar in the topping completely dissolves because sugar granules are not fun to chew on.

Does anyone else have good gluten, diary and potato free cake recipes they would like to share.  I would love to try more recipes!





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One thought on “Gluten and Diary Free Chocolate Cake

  1. Yes, here is one 😀
    8 ounces of organic spelt flour,
    2 teaspoons of baking powder,
    4 ounces of organic sugar,
    4 tablespoons of organic vegetable oil,
    and about 150 ml of water.
    Then, when that’s all combined into a smooth mixture, add a load of rinsed organic blueberries and mixed those in well (optional) (you could add dried fruit or chocolate chips).
    Then generously fill 6 large paper cake cases with the mixture and baked them in a muffin pan at 180°c (fan oven) for half an hour.
    Easy as pie! Or rather, cake!
    You can also make one big cake with this recipe, just cook it a little longer 😉


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