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A Rhododendron with Lavender Curly and Delicate Petals

Below is another one of my older rhododendrons. 🙂

school pics 042

This rhododendron is a lovely lavender just as another one I have.  This one has more curly and delicate petals.  The darker purple are the little buds getting ready to explode! 🙂

Oh, when I clipped it from the bush to bring in for my provocations, I noticed something dark moving!  Sure enough it was a moth that was slumbering inside one of the small flowers towards the center.  I quickly, and I mean quickly ran back outside and shook it out.  I was careful, because my intent was not to hurt the little bug, but to get it off the flower and not in the school! 🙂  And of course, I really am not that big a fan of bugs.

school pics 044  The second picture I took with the flash off.  Sometimes my old camera will think it needs more light, when in fact it may not.  I kind of prefer natural light to a flash when possible.

I had trimmed a good deal off of this plant last year and earlier this year pulled some nasty blackberry vines out from underneath the bush.  Now my poor old Rhododendron is much happier.  If you can tell with these two pictures, the leaves do not have those yellow dots. 🙂

If you have a rhododendron like this one or similar please share!  I would love to see pictures and read your thoughts on these lovely flowering bushes. 🙂


Heidi, The Marigold School of Early Learning

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