Reggio Provocations, creativity and the zone of proximal development

Another older post that I find relevant for today’s children. Please share some of your thoughts and experiences with the topics I’ve brought up in this posting.

The Marigold School of Early Learning

101_5964  Earlier in the week, I posted a blog about having an open discussion centered around the broad topic of provocations.  Provocations, of course, stem from the Reggio Emilia approach. To continue with this discussion, I would like to talk about not only provocations but the growing and evolving role of creativity and the “zone of proximal development”, a term coined by Lev Vygotsky.

I am a teacher inspired, changed and constantly growing in my understanding of how young minds learn.  I attribute this to learning about the Reggio Emilia approach several years ago.  Before I learned of this branch of constructivism, I was much more close-minded and rigid in my view of education in general and of what capacity young children were capable of in terms of learning for understanding.  Since opening my own preschool and being able to fully take advantage of the fact that I can implement as much…

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